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Alone Bermudian Aggression Bond Watching Bond Fishing Bugs Killed Bugs Wounded Competition Country Fresh Country Crock Criminal Kidnapping Criminal Getaway Diagram Estropeado Evolution Madonna Evolution Stereotypes Evolution Crybaby Ginny's Elephants The Graduate Growing Ripe Growing Rotten Holly Could Holly Would Hours Overcoming Hours Bitterweet Hours Surrendered Last Picked Line of Sight Ode to Converse Ode to Vanderbyl Ode to Tarantino Pop Couture Retro Grade Retro 'Spect Self Portrait The Soulmates Space Swim Space Sink Travis' Nuptials Turntablist Vacancy What Am I So Afraid Of? Why Do I Even Bother? Wishful Embrace Wishful Thinking Ziggy's Sailors

This is the home of KLR, an accomplished fine art collage artist. Each piece is a one-of-a-kind mixed media creation: heavily-textured with paint, specialty papers and other materials; and is much better when viewed in person.
Newest Additions:
Travis' NuptialsTravis' Nuptials CompetitionCompetition
Pop CouturePop Couture Bermudian AggressionBermudian
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